The Meadiarium (English)


The Meadiarium© workbook is THE book for the pregnant woman. This comprehensive birth plan contributes to good care during labour.

The delivery time is a maximum of one week.

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According to many becoming a mother is THE life event. As a midwife, I often have the privilege of witnessing these events. I know from experience that a good connection with an expecting mother provides a positive contribution to her delivery experience. This connection starts with getting to know the woman in question. Knowing who she is and how she experienced her pregnancy or a previous birth just like what is happening in her life right now. The two main ingredients of a positive experience are a positive mindset and how much you are seen and heard as a woman.


The sensitivity of the support women receive during stressful situations is what they remember most. The Meadiarium, the most personal birth plan is a coaching book which focuses on fitting support and the appropriate care for your needs. The aim of the Meadiarium is to promote a good connection between the pregnant woman requesting care and her care providers, before, during and after delivery.


This book helps to reveal both your context and your needs.


Then step by step it will guide you toward writing a birth plan that in the end reveals the care you need while giving birth and afterwards. If you can tell your healthcare providers in a clear and concise document who you are and what you require, then they can build their care around your needs.


I wish you the best care.

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